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Optimized Tweet scheduling. Measure your results. Grow your Twitter following.

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Tweet confidentlywith Chime's analytics and scheduler

Tired of guessing when your best posting time is? Not sure what content is working? Chime Social has you covered. Effortlessly post at optimized times with our smart scheduler backed by analysis of thousands of your followers.

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Real-time analyticsto keep you in the loop

Chime Social constantly monitors your audience's activity—so you don't have to. Tweeting at the right time is as easy as clicking a button.

Smarter schedulingis one-click away

Chime’s smart scheduler sends out your Tweets when your followers are most active - so you can focus on your content.

Scheduled threadswhen you need more

Perfect your threads in advance and schedule them when your audience is most likely to read. You can even include images, gifs, or even videos in your threads.

All your accounts, one calendar

Tired of switching between accounts on Twitter just to post from your brand account?

Chime Social make it effortless to post from up to 5 Twitter accounts - all backed by the same analytics.

Great for creators or brands operating multiple Twitter accounts.

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You're in good company.

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Simple, Transparent pricing

Pricing Plans

Chime Social offers plans to support the single creator or the business looking to grow multiple accounts.

All plans include:

  1. Unlimited Scheduled Tweets and Threads
  2. Content Calendar
  3. Tweet stats for Tweets & replies
  4. Drafts synced in the Cloud
... and more!
Pro1 account$15 / mo
Maker2 accounts$29 / mo
Brand3 accounts$43 / mo
Each Twitter account has access to all of Chime Social's features. You can add or remove accounts at any time.
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